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Imraan [ The Architect ]

“‘Borrow’ some, to build our embassy?”

Imraan smiled, his eyes glinting gold. It did not hurt, to take a piece of stone. A slab of rock. Maybe even a slender branch, and coax it into being, turning it into the foundation of his new project.

Imraan built buildings and city islands out of rock and shards of glass, metal scraps. That was his gift.

Name Imraan
Age Young
Imraan is stout and sturdy. He is hard to miss with a broody air, his eyes always pensive in thought. Imraan has light brown, curly hair that is usually worn half up in a short stub, the rest clipped close to his head, and a neatly trimmed full beard.

Imraan is normally dressed in modest and somewhat professional clothes: he prefers shirts with high collar, simple jackets, and trousers that match with the jackets. Underneath the clothes he is heavily tattooed: markings he has added over time with every new project completed. From identifiable shapes of animals and plants to symbols and lines, there is little of his body that is left bare.

Imraan’s eyes are always the characteristic molten gold of Shy’s project. It is assumed that this is because his gift is always active. However it is also theorized that his base eye color- a very pale hazel brown is similar enough to the molten gold that many are mistaken.
Imraan is broody. He is moody. He is a diva and he makes big, grand gestures. He loves people, he loves party, and he loves to celebrate. Imraan is almost always found at the center of a gathering, enjoying the heat and the moment that is life.

Except when he is working.

At work, Imraan is quiet. He is just as broody and just as moody, but he is very spare with his words and prefers on taking control and micromanaging every single aspect of his art. He becomes obsessed with a project and cannot let it go- and normally vanishes for days at a time until it is complete.
Imraan is the type of person who goes from 0 to 100. There is no inbetween.
Some believe a more appropriate rank for Imraan would have been the Alchemist. He has an odd affinity for metal, glass, wood- not in living things, but when they are in the form to be molded into works of art. He ‘speaks’ to infrastructure and foundation, and is able to build fantastical buildings to make Shy proud.

The brains behind the island city that Shy calls his own home, and also the one tasked in building new quarters for projects when they decide to permanently reside in a different world, Imraan has traveled the Nexus and has picked up a few ideas: when not working for Shy, he does not mind outsourcing his talents to others, and can often be found consulting in projects across the Nexus.
Standing at Dawn Castle

Imraan listened to the city island speak.

People understood enough about Shy’s projects not to doubt the Architect when he said the buildings spoke, but they did not truly understand.

The city island was homesick. It missed the foundations that it had been part of, it missed the Vella Crean.

Imraan nursed the hot chocolate he held between his hands, the top frothy with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. It did not suit the large giant who spoke to buildings, but when the chef of Shy’s kitchens pushed a drink into your hand, you did not risk insulting the man.

The city island was homesick, and Imraan did not know what he could do about it.

“Hey big fella.”

The voice was a familiar one, and Imraan looked up, shifting over on the ledge he was balanced precariously on, making some room. The tall and reed thin woman wore a tight fitting sheath dress that looked too uncomfortable to navigate the rooftops in: but she had managed, and it was not her first time.

“We have a new project.” a woosh of breath as she slipped off her highheels, taking tentative steps before sitting down next to him, her feet hanging over the edge of the roof.

“A new wing?” he asked. The city island had been Imraan’s answer for Shy: a domain, a “lab” that would support the scientist and his projects, growing as they grew until they found their way back to the Vella Crean.

“Off world, the Refugium.” the woman poked his shoulder and he obligingly handed her the drink in his hand. “We are to build a new embassy.”

Imraan grunted. An embassy. A building on a different world, bringing in bits of the city island and molding it into a new form.

“When do we start?” he had ideas. A new building in a new world would be interesting for him to build.

“Two months?” The woman groaned. “I have so much paperwork to handle before I can give you the green light.”

Two months. Two months of sitting here, dreaming up ideas, or listening to the cries of the city island looking for its home. Of feeling the keening wails and the need to reunite with the Vella Crean. Eight weeks of-

“I will go on vacation.” he said abruptly.

“Vacation?” The woman put enough surprise, enough disbelief into the words that Imraan took back the hot chocolate he had loaned her and scowled.

“I go on vacation.” he growsed.

“You go on research expeditions. On inspirational trips where all you do is sketch and steal building blocks for new buildings and rooms. You do not know the first step to taking a vacation, never mind relaxing.”

Imraan opened his mouth, and stopped. He fidgeted, had to allow her a point.

“Where will you go?”

Imraan did not know. He looked out over the spread of the city island. “I will ask Atlas for a recommendation.” he said, speaking of the cartographer who had mapped out the Nexus in his mind. He had his own oddities; an odd hobbist obsession for Pern. “If we are to build an embassy, maybe visit a world with some grand, traditional buildings. Large enough to fit dragons and the other kinds that may visit.”

Atlas may have some ideas.

Atlas looked down at the maps in front of him, nodded his head. “Icarus, might be the world you are looking for.”

Imraan frowned. It sounded familiar.

“A little bit like medieval Earth. They might have the architecture you are looking for: draks inhabit the world, for winged dragons, which means buildings have been built with such creatures in mind. It would be better, I think, than sending you to Earth.”

Icarus. Atlas remembered now.

“A tour, maybe?” he asked. “Visit the different castles, see what the buildings have to say?”

“‘Borrow’ some, to build our embassy?”

Imraan smiled, his eyes glinting gold. It did not hurt, to take a piece of stone. A slab of rock. Maybe even a slender branch, and coax it into being, turning it into the foundation of his new project.

Imraan built buildings and city islands out of rock and shards of glass, metal scraps. That was his gift.

“I’ll send a missive ahead- start with Dawn Castle. We have the beginnings of some social ties with the High Prince. We can use your visit as a way of extending and deepening the ties.”

Imraan nodded. Dawn Castle. He would be interested to see what this Dawn Castle had to offer.

Imraan arrived at the beautiful and somewhat delicate looking castle with trunks full of vials and containers, a few books, and a tablet. He did not know what to make of the two men, but Xander seemed a little bit more cool headed, and easier for Imraan to address.

“We had heard the Vella Crean was lost?” they ask, and Imraan nodded his head.

“Lost for now, but our geneticist is working on finding home again- until then, we exist as our own -” he did not know know what word to use.

The high Princes nodded: they seemed to understand.

“Well, welcome, Imraan. We can help arrange the visits and tours you need, here. We can help introduce you to the other High Princes, if you would like a tour of the other Castles.”

Imraan nodded. “I would really appreciate that.” he admitted- he was not adept at speaking to strangers, and getting approval to tour different Castles: it was something Ari would be better at, not him.

Xander nodded. “Until then, please feel free to be at home, here.” he gestured around the castle, and Imraan eyed the fountains that were quite stunning, and would be interesting features to add to his plans for the embassy.

“You may see more people about, soon. We have will have a hatching- and potential aspirants have arrived. Candidates” Xander translated.

“I would” he asked. “Like to take a better look at quarters that house draks. To understand the architecture, see what maybe I could do.”

It was Raf who laughed, with a slightly impish look, his eyes sparkling. “Let me take you on a tour then. Tell me, Imraan. Have you ever thought of entering for aspiration?”

From the Second Hatching

Next up, an earth male took his turn in the spotlight. Decisive and proud, he walked up to the blacksmith and architect. Both were stubborn and capable men. Personality traits that the earth drakling could appreciate. In the end he decided upon Aedre and said:
“I will help you with your machines. Call me Coggeios.” 
Imraan didn’t have to wait long as the next drakling that made a move, a day female, also made it’s way toward him. With her white hide and golden wings she looked bright and cheery and she seemed to smile as she cornered him and said:
“You work too much. But if it gets hard, I’ll listen and take care of you. My name is Wykosei.”

Cameo Appearances:

Imraan takes Whistle to Icarus, to destress from the pressures of war.