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Key Inhabitants

The Vella Crean is a city as well as a planet. There are numerous onworld and offworld inhabitants.

These are some key people who reside within the Vella Crean, whom you may use for interactions within your storyline updated 2021-04-05

The Rulers

The original leaders of the Vella Crean: Senior Weyrwoman of Istabitha’s Weyr and Head Search Rider B’nir assumed positions as the Empress and Consort. Key NPC’s at the Vella Crean, both are in their 80’s, suspiciously spry for their age, and have no plans to retire (yet).

Empress Naeodin, Sr. Queen Sasiath : An old wizened woman in her eighties, she has kind blue eyes still strong and bright, white hair that is normally worn in a low bun, and a beautiful black and gold sceptre with a red arrowhead. Legend says that it is made of the horn of a dragon. Having recently emerged from a 5 year coma, she is a little bit weak, and a little bit frail: but don’t let that fool you. The old granny (politely known as ‘Mother of the Vella Crean’) is almost ALWAYS getting into everyone else’s business. She will hand greet candidates, interfere with Shy’s projects, and gleefully attend hatchings with a ledger holding bets on pairings and egg results.

Consort of the Empress B’nir, White Pikceth : An old, stately man in his eighties who is normally only found in the city of the Vella Crean, he is stoic, traditional, and a regular shadow by Naeodin’s side. The consort is from traditional Pern, and has continued to keep his elided name. Having been the head searchrider of Istabitha’s Weyr and The Vella Crean for almost 4 decades, he knows a thing or two about candidacy requirements, and who might have what it takes to become a dragon rider.

The Imperial Guard

An elite unit established directly under the Empress, they were initially formed for Naeodin’s protection.

Onesto, Cleric: A tall, broad, giant of a man with the mildest of manners, Onesto was instrumental in the waking of Naeodin, and continues to provide rehabilitation services and healing for the Empress. Along the way, somehow, he has become her spokesperson: diplomatic and fair, he attends almost all of the council meetings and is often relied upon by other leaders to keep the peace. Onesto is Mia’s part time therapist, Shy’s part time tea drinking partner, and has an assortment of Court dragons that follow him around the Vella Crean.

The Sword: To be added.

The Shield: To be added.

The Light Court

The original court of the Vella Crean, and most aligned with their Pernese Ancestors, the Light Court is ruled with an authoritative fist by Maramia, Naeodin’s daughter as well as Vaero, Naeodin’s grandson. Since the Death Court wars, other key members have emerged from the Light Court. The main branch of the Vella Crean that will oversee diplomacy, relations with other Nexus worlds, and as the main baby sitters of Shy.

Leader of the Light Court, Maramia Sr. Queen Lollaseth (Ryslen) : A slender woman in her mid forties, she has pale skin, dark silver blue eyes and dark brown hair. She is not the most sane, is a little bit prone to blood lust, and has a strong distaste for hydras and “mutant dragons” that her cleric is helping her overcome. A woman who was driven mad with grief with the death of her consort, she has managed to regain most of her sanity and old self through a five year war with the Death Court.

Heir to the Light Court Vaero Luctus Mors, Male Gold Vanero ‘Mybl (Geperna) : A young man in his early twenties, pale skinned with black feathered wings and gray eyes, he has Naeodin’s eyes and his father’s smile. A quiet, serious man who rarely takes part in any of the politics or council discussions, he is almost always with his Grandmother or Mother.

The Dark Court

The Dark Court was originally home to the “non Pernese” dragons at the Vella Crean. Originally at odds with the Light Court, the Death Court wars have brought the Light and Dark Courts together in an alliance. The main military branch of the Vella Crean, they oversee war strategy and have been working on amassing knowledge and experience in the art of war.

Leader of the Dark Court Mwvayan, Violet Hydra Queen Royiuion : An immortal old world blood demon, Mwvayan continues to look as if she is in her mid twenties. A demon with pale skin, deep red hair and large ebon eyes, she is probably more cool headed and empathic than Maramia. Originally at odds with the Leader of the Light Court, the war has brought them together, each understanding a little bit more the other’s story and perspective.

Heir to the Dark Court Celeste : Celeste is in many ways a carbon copy of her mother. She has the same pale skin and crimson hair, but with ordinary pale blue eyes in the same shape and form as her mother’s. Since her childhood she has been cast out of the Vella Crean and continues to live on Tris’ Hath. She has had no contact with her mother since the Vella Crean disappeared, and more recently, has been found traveling between the two worlds with the cleric to ensure her family and court are doing well.

The Blood Court

The Blood Court have retired from their role as peacekeepers between the Light and the Dark, instead choosing to become archivists for the Vella Crean. Their central focus is on furthering their knowledge of magic, Nexus worlds, and building up the foundation of a fully sustainable Vella Crean that can better survive the impact of war. Blood Court ambassadors are sent as delegations to other Nexus worlds with the intent of bringing back knowledge and skills to utilize on the Vella Crean.

Leader of the Blood Court, Pii : Daughter of Sirriol and Vaero, half sister to Vaero Luctus Mors, her true lineage still continues to remain a secret to Maramia. Small boned and asian, she looks nothing like her father until you notice the solid black tattoos of life sized feathered wings on her back. She continues to remain with no bond of her own: out of choice, perhaps, or necessity, to ensure no additional dragons are brought into this war.

Other Inhabitants

Other inhabitants of the Vella Crean not necessarily aligned to the three courts.

Princess of Arx Atra Mons, Bekira Khan, Matriach Devalis’Salvir

Leader of the Shapeshifters Reika Isukaru, Queen Tsukihikaruth

Avengaean Citizen Na’de, Light Releva Niscet

Search Riders

All dragon riders at the Vella Crean are capable of searching your candidate. The only “official” search rider who is active remains to be Sh’an and Blue Pederth.

Searchrider Sh’an and 3/4 Pernese Blue Pederth: Shy’s project ranked as Search Rider, he has an uncanny ability of identifying where candidates need to be. Although he primarily works as Search Rider for Shy’s projects (getting them out into the world), he is a serial world hopper, and will not hesitate in bringing in candidates he believes are right for the Vella Crean

The Scientist and his Projects

Shy: Shy is a tall, slender, rather stunning androgynous man with raven black hair and feline green eyes. He is almost always clothed in cheongsams- and has beautiful, ornamental nails. Shy is petty and vindictive, a geneticist and facilitator at heart. He was a weakness for rare genetics, Sanger men, and Mystic.

Pigeon: Pigeon are small, humanoid creatures with feathered wings and large eyes- they are usually in tones of brown or gray, and have a tendency to cry and whimper at the slightest touch. Pigeons are Shy’s messengers- they carry communications both physically as well as through a broad telepathic network: and have been built specifically to look small, weak, and vulnerable. (Don’t shoot the messenger). Regular partners or associates of Shy’s may already have a permanent Pigeon- to those who are not so familiar with him, a Pigeon may appear out of nowhere.

Shy’s Projects: Shy’s projects are genetic experiments in various forms. They can be identified by their signature molten gold eyes. They exist throughout the lab- and are open for interaction with visitors and guests. The elite- projects that have distinguished themselves in Shy’s eyes through their abilities or achievements have ‘titles’. (i.e: Monique ‘The Oracle’, Savas ‘The Eyes’, Ishaan ‘The Search Rider’). View a list of active projects.

Shy’s Labs: Shy’s labs used to exist in a pocket universe in the Nexus, not a single building but a sprawling city island. Since the re-integration with the Vella Crean, Shy’s labs have adjusted its form to blend in with the natural surroundings. Integrated throughout the planet, the majority of the labs are located underground: and accessible from multiple and somewhat random points across the Nexus.