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Kip [ The Spell ]

Name Kip
Age Young
Appearance Kip is small and frail, with shaggy black hair that he normally tries to wear loose and chaotic around his head. If you see his hair smoothed away in a neat bun or pony tail, this is entirely due to the careful grooming of Echo.

Kip has large dark eyes that very rarely turn molten gold. When he does use his gifts, his eyes seem to darken, taking on black hues with just the touch of gold. Shy claims this is entirely on purpose, Sh’an is 1000% sure it is an accident and Shy doesn’t know how to fix it.

Normally dressed in dark colors, he appears doll like- but only because his numerous “older sisters” have taken to dressing him up in their own tastes and fashion.
Personality Kip is curious, quiet. He does not speak as much as Echo and instead relies on his counterpart to speak for him. He seems obedient and submissive and can often be seen tagging along with other projects, picking up their mannerisms and liking to borrow an item or two and claim as his own. He is a rather curious little individual.
Ability Kip is… a mystery. But only because Shy knows he will get into the most serious of shit if Mystic finds out. Taking the remains of spell the Red Mage had cast in his labs, Shy turned it into a Project that doesn’t quite behave the way he wants it to.

Kip’s ability manifests as smokey black tentacles that stretch and form from the shadows. Carnivorous and seemingly with no limitations when it comes to size, Kip rarely uses his gifts: and has been told to politely stay away from the Death Court dragons, because the tentacles have developed a taste for Death Court meat.
Standing at the Empyrean Stair

From the Hatching

~Secret tentacles!~  A pale legiana chirped from a tree branch above Kip, practically hanging upside-down to look at him, though carefully keeping his words from projecting to anyone else…that wasn’t already in on the secret.  ~I can keep a secret!~

~We can do it!~  A chonky, dark zinogre wagged her tail in a long, almost dangerous sweeping motion, nudging Kip from behind.

And then an invisible-now-visible pounce by a nargacuga – not to intentionally knock him over, but oopsie – they’re pretty big kittens.  ~Protect the Kip!~

Name: Nychta [Night]

Species: Zinogre

Gender: Female

Coloration: Sapphireshroud

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Lightning Charge, Shock Paralysis, Thunderblight

Personality: Brave, Excitable

Name: Ankalies [Cuddles]

Species: Nargacuga

Gender: Female

Coloration: Voidsoul

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Poison Strike, Carnage Wound, Perfect Stealth

Personality: Cuddly, Protective

Name: Kapnos [Smoke]

Species: Legiana

Gender: Male

Coloration: Silverwind

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Terrifying Scream, True Sight, Frost Armor, Iceblight, Waterblight*

Personality: Good Listener, Attentive