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Lan Mio [ The Medic ]

Chris Brew
Name Lan Mio
Age Late 20’s
Appearance Lan Mio is tall dark and pensive. A perpetual frown crossing his brows and his eyes are dark and worn. He does not have time for your shit, and is constantly on the move. It is hard to find the man at rest, but there is nothing harried about him. It just looks as if Lan Mio is always methodically doing something.
Usually dressed in clean, efficient clothing with a thick and sturdy coat, a spare pair of gloves shoved into one pocket and another a bag of gauze, disinfectant and dressing, while at first glance you might get taken in by how good looking he is, Lan Mio’s very worried ‘momma bear’ personality comes through with every movement and enunciated word.
Personality Lan Mio is a great medic on the field. He is practical, efficient, able to assess a situation and apply the right recommendations and strategies. He has a very calm, matter of fact approach to handling stress and panic, and while it would be hard to say that he has a soothing personality, there is something very calming about his no-nonsense approach.
Ability Lan Mio is human.
Standing at Lantessama Isle

The Backstory

  • Lan Mio is a professional medic from one of the worlds on the Nexus that has both humans and dragons. Maybe not war, but something similar to thread, with advanced technology and research into nanosynthetics and the application to both winged and bipedal creatures.
  • He moves to the Vella Crean earlier on in his career, out of curiosity for a new world full of new opportunities, and is taken aback when weeks after his arrival the Vella Crean cuts itself off from the rest of the Nexus.
  • The Death Court wars are… a jarring surprise, but it is a situation that Lan Mio is able to excel in. He has experience working with both dragon and rider injuries, and while the blue flame of death is very new, he has no problems identifying quick fixes.
  • Lan Mio is quickly put in charge of the battlefield medics, working with healers and other professionals in the medical field to identify strategies and tactics: it is not easy convincing young apprentices to run into battle, dodging blue flame and saving riders and dragons, but he is impressed by the courage and tenacity of some of the young ones.
  • The Medic quickly builds out a team within the Light Court, and is the first to reach out with friendly overtures to the Dark; you cannot have a medic in a wartorn situation without the help and support of the soldiers.
  • The arrival of the scientist changes everything. Lan Mio watches as monsters made of smoke and tentacles fight off the Death Court, as tall creatures with molten gold eyes teleport in and out of the battlefield to rescue the wounded. He finds himself amused and perturbed, but knows that this new shift of power is nothing more than an uneasy detene.

Present Time

  • It is a time of “Peace” (heavy emphasis on the quotations), and Lan Mio watches as the council uses this opportunity to restructure and shift duties and responsibilities around the Courts. He is asked to head a new medic team, combining the technology and talents of Projects with the experience of the healers and medics that have flourished under Lan Mio’s guidance.
  • He agrees.
  • His new team is… unconventional, but Lan Mio enjoys the challenges. He listens with half an ear as others take advantage of this lull to visit other worlds in the Nexus, returning home with dragons.
  • It is during a quiet conversation with Sabine the seamstress (who better to source high quality gauze and dressing from, than the seamstress who takes care of the Scientist’s wardrobe?) that Lan Mio hears of a different world. Lantessama; with the most interesting clutch at the Bay.
  • Wisp dragons. (How useful would it be to have small dragons that could help carry supplies?) and Swamp light dragons (how many times has he had to rescue dragons and riders who had fallen into uninhabited valleys and rivers of the Vella Crean?) Curios, Lan Mio applies for extended leave to visit Lantessama Isle’s bay himself, and to see if there is someone on the sands for him.

From the Hatching

Somewhere off to the side of the bay, Lan Mio was caring for a spectator who’d twisted his ankle by stepping in a hidden hole. These injuries could have been prevented by hanging more lights but then, why had the spectator even ventured so far off the path? Lan Mio stopped questioning the why and started applying the how of his treatment. Luckily he carried a small field light and fabric was easy enough to come by but with the ankle being smudged and sandy it was difficult to determine whether or not there were other injuries. 
“I could really use some water now.” he mumbled and was surprised to see some water rain down on the ankle. The liquid, for he didn’t know it was water for sure was colourless, odourless and seemed to lessen the pain a bit. Looking up, Lan Mio saw a water wisp flying right above. The female dragoness was larger than most of the others he’d seen and she seemed to be quite intelligent.
“Cirta, could you find us some help?” he asked and she quietly nodded and flew away, returning later with a local apothecary who escorted the wounded back to the festival. 

Lan Mio had returned to be closer to the bay. He’d done a quick sweep of the surrounding forests though which meant most of the hatchlings had bonded by the time he reached the water’s edge. Truth be told, the medic was already pretty pleased with Cirta but he’d learned to see things through and wanted to stay until the end of the hatching. This probed to be a good decision as a pale yellow dragon with a silver lining crawled out of the water, his hide glistening even in the barely there moonlight.
“I waited for you.” the dragon told him, “I knew you were busy.”
“How did you know?”
“I saw it in the clouds.” the dragon, Ah Kum, replied and nudged his bond toward the festival grounds to eat before the tall man could ask for clarification. 

Name:Ah Kum (meaning: good as gold)
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Species:Swamp Light Dragon
Personality:Calm and collected, analytical but likes to unwind with loud music (genre up to you). 
Magical Affinity: Air (white): divine the patterns of the clouds or the sense of the breeze
Corporal (Yellow): divine by the lines of one’s hand or the configuration of organs

Gender: Female
Size: Shetland pony-sized
Personality:Innocent and helpful, very soothing to those injured.
Species:Wisp Dragon (large pet)
Magical Affinity: Water (creates pure water wherever it’s needed)