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March of Summer [ Raksha ]

Liu Wen
Name March of Summer; also known as March, MAri, Summer, Moss
Age Irrelevant
Appearance At least upon arrival in the Vella Crean, they are quite tall (perhaps something like 6’6’’/198cm), and have features falling towards no particular gender or sex.  Their hair is long, mostly loose, though occasionally the top part is pulled into a bun or tail against the rest.  They favor numerous shades of the color green.
Personality If one had to try and put March in a box in terms of ‘alignment’, it would clearly fall under the free-spirited ‘Chaotic Neutral’….but that is a fraction of a description at best.  They are restless and easily distressed when they are alone for longer periods of time, seeming to function better among others (sapient or no – even a companion animal will successfully attract their focus).  They’re a bit vain, and whenever an opportunity arises, they like to try for a non-traditional or unusual, out-of-the-box type of solution to a problem.  They are enthusiastic, considerate, and given their dislike of being alone, always try to insert themselves into other peoples’ business whenever they can.
Ability March does not have a specified type of emotion that they prefer to feed from, but rather are drawn to creative chaos and mischief.  Chief among their favorite sources of this are young children of any race – before their wild innovation becomes stuck in an adult mindset later in life.
As such, they have an incredible rapport with children (basically any youth of any species before they reach puberty), and delight in teaching them, playing with them, and working their life skills to include flexibility and a penchant for mayhem, even after they’ve grown up.
Their specific abilities/powers/magics include (but are not limited to) bringing artwork (temporarily) to life, working extremely detailed, hard-to-detect illusions (not just a glamour on one’s self), and spontaneous innate knowledge of what would be a good reward for chaotic mischief performed by their favorite children. 
March does have the raw power and skills to rein in an overly-destructive chaos spirit, assuredly, but would much rather find ways for them to vent their power and need into something more creative than mindless destruction or violence – and they possess plenty of skills to do so.
As F&W’s offspring are not bonding, there is no way for the fledgling to gain access to March’s True Name, unless they give it up themselves, or are somehow tricked out of it….which is probably a good thing, if a tiny machine of destruction got ahold of something like that.
Seeking to kidnap a little piece of chaos

The original character was generously gifted by DragonFlight

A short story under 200 words

  • March’s original arrival to the Labs was unnoticed. A tall, slender androgynous being who slipped in among the Projects and could often be found delightfully entertaining the children- Ari appreciated the help, and there was nothing that set off alarm bells
  • Until March met Shy, and decided that they had found their favorite ‘child’ to nurture
  • The tall, slender androgynous being changed their form, first becoming a carbon copy of the Scientist, then day by day shifting and adjusting their features until March was entirely their own person- although the familial resemblance was hard to deny
  • They decided the Labs would do quite well as a new home, chief among them the Lost Boy (March was never unpolite enough to refer to the Scientist as such in company. Only when they were alone with their thoughts). Look at all the creativity, the emotions, and the potential they could feed on!
  • It was enough to turn this Raksha into a glutton
  • One day, the Lost Boy brought news of the oddest sponsorship opportunity. A daemon of destruction and a chaotic shadowling- March did not understand what these words would have children that they were looking for guardians.
  • March liked the idea of little slices of chaos to bring home, and what luck! The Lost Boy did not seem to want to step onto the Abstract Destiny. They liked to think of themselves as a carer, a teacher, and delighted at the thought of bringing home a child that needed discipline, and creative outlets for their more destructive forces.

Tatszel‘s sponsorship would never have happened if Schroeder had had a say in the matter, either. Fantredala was all smiles to entrust him to the enigmatic March of Summer (listed only as March of the Vella Crean in the sponsorship record), who was nearly the spitting image of the infamous Shy. Schroeder’s scowling left her laughing and chiding him to relax, that all would be fine, even as she tipped her chosen son a scheming little wink.