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Mieka [ Ambassador ]

“Vision says you are nervous, and you have a lot to prove. We do not know about this Vella Crean. We do not know why you are being invited to reside here, in the Embassy.” Their tone was gentle compared to their words, and Mieka found her spine stiffening.

“I am the ambassador of the Vella Crean.” She stated, her tone firm. Resolute.

Lareina Song Zu’er
Name Mieka
Age Young
Mieka is tall and slim, with pale skin and long dark hair that reaches to about mid back. She has a pleasant appearance, with a face that is mostly smiling or masked in a look of polite interest. Mieka is almost always very carefully dressed. She understands the importance of first impressions and her role as one of the first ambassadors of the Vella Crean, and she takes pride in ensuring she looks presentable and highly groomed.

Mieka is young. She is not a well seasoned diplomat, and has always been curious about the world outside of the Vella Crean. She is incredibly curious, and sometimes, might overstep her role with questions and actions. She is only just developing her poker face- and try as she might, sometimes, it is hard for her to mask her feelings and body language.
Mieka is a bright, curious individual who despite the Death Court wars has continued to maintain a sense of optimism and naivite about the world. She enjoys meeting people and exploring new worlds, and finds the different races and cultures present on the Refugium fascinating. She is the type of person who loves meeting new people and new cultures: and can almost always be found attending any event that is being held to broaden her knowledge.

Mieka is careful. She is responsible, and she is completely stoked at the thought that the council trusted her enough to send her out in the world. Alone! She is ambitious, and works hard to prove herself- and can oftentimes be a little bit too aggressive with her questions and requests.

She is at heart, a good natured person. Looking to establish friendships and alliances- although she is smart enough to understand the importance of diplomacy and politics, she isn’t very good at it: Mieka believes honesty and good faith will be able to get her far in the world, and so far, she has been successful with her endeavours.
Ability Mieka is human, with no abilities.
Standing at the Refugium

The Vella Crean had reconnected to the Nexus.

Mieka did not know what this meant. She had been young when the city had isolated itself from the world, her parents loyal to the Light Court. The wars- well. The tide was going to change now, wasn’t it? The scientist with his green eyes was back, reclaiming dominion over the labs, and the city itself was healing.

Mieka had watched the projects with golden eyes take to the skies, stronger and faster than the dragons, attacking the Death Court when they drew too near. She had watched the talented few with odd titles like “The Architect” and “The Landscaper”, as they willed buildings to repair themselves, the ground moving as rock and marble curved and grew like living creatures.

Mieka had watched, awed by the scientist and his projects, and knew her world was going to change.

She just did not know how.

“Did you call for me, mother?”

Mieka smiled, her face open and curious as she strode into her parent’s private quarters. She hesitated at the door, her knees bending in an automatic curtsey despite being dressed in pants and a wide sleeved top. “Your Grace.” she greeted, flustered.

What was Maramia, the leader of the Light Court doing with her mother?

The tall and rangy woman with dark hair pulled into a low braid nodded her greetings from the seating area, waving her hands in a gesture for Mieka to join them. The Leader of the Light Court was not what Mieka expected from a leader- she seemed more a solider, a general, always dressed in boots scuffed with wear, trousers and fitted tops marked with soot and dust, oftentimes blood. Today was not much different, although her clothes seemed cleaner, fresher.

“Mieka.” Her mother called, her face bright with joy. Pride. “We were just discussing the future of the Vella Crean.”

Mieka’s footsteps slowed as she walked carefully over to the sitting area, leaning over to greet her mother, turning so that she stood slightly behind her mother’s hair. “The future?” she asked.

Maramia nodded her head. Her smile was bright and easy, different from the grim eyed woman Mieka had caught glimpses of during the wars.

“We are re-establishing ties with the worlds, sending diplomatic missions.”

Mieka looked towards her mother. “This was not done before.” Her tone lilted slightly at the end, turning her words into a question.

Her mother nodded. “There was never any real need to. We were friendly with worlds, most oftentimes through hatchings and flights – leaders met and connected separately. But with the war, we have decided to rethink our strategy.”

Maramia nodded. “Shy has been surprisingly quite entrepreneurial, and has been establishing residences. He has his projects, but-“ she hesitated. “In light of some recent events, we have decided it would be prudent to have the official ambassador be from the Vella Crean.”

Nervous energy hummed under Mieka’s skin.

“An Ambassador.” Her mother’s eyes were shining. “To this place called the Refugium. Mieka! What do you think?”

What. What did she think?

Mieka was speechless.

Mieka stood in front of the oddly diminutive building. It was smaller than she had expected- and much greener too. Silent aides (it would take Mieka some time to refer to them as ‘projects’, the way the others did) walked by, carrying in trunks of clothing and other necessities she had brought with her from the Vella Crean.

“You are the new one?” The words were soft, sibilant- Mieka looked over with surprise at the tall and slender beauty that stood in front of her.

They appeared so much like the scientist- and yet, not.

“I am Mieka.” She answered unsurely.

“Mieka- I am Savas.” Her words were gentle, languid- somewhat disinterested.

A small, dark creature with multiple sets of wings flew up, hovering over Savas’ shoulder. Black skin (hide? Shell? Mieka did not know) and pale blue wingsails, it did not speak to Mieka, but seemed to judge her with reproachful eyes.

The – Savas smiled. Laughed. Mieka had a feeling it was at her own expense.

“Vision says you are nervous, and you have a lot to prove. We do not know about this Vella Crean. We do not know why you are being invited to reside here, in the Embassy.” Their tone was gentle compared to their words, and Mieka found her spine stiffening.

“I am the ambassador of the Vella Crean.” She stated, her tone firm. Resolute.

Her nerves wracked as she held the gaze of the Project in front of her.

Savas continued to hold her eyes, and then they smiled. “You might do.” They conceded, nodding their head. “I do not live in the embassy, but I am here often. You will find Observe, Oculus, and Vision helping with the gardens- if you have questions, you can ask me. I might answer.” Another playful smile.

“You will, help me?” Mieka asked.

Savas shrugged. “Shy believes in the Vella Crean. I believe in Shy.”

Refugium Candidate RP – Mieka, Sel R’nohr, Hewlitt Maes

Taken from the Refugium Hatching

Two tiny hatchlings peeked over the edge of the outcrop, their eyes gleaming luminous green. Indeed, the pair were quite similar, red-brown in color with faces slashed yellow and black. One of the pair scrambled over the edge and made her way down, alternating between careful footsteps and stuttering leaps of wingless flight. She landed in a messy pile of limbs, but popped up without a beat, shaking sand from her egg-slick hide. Her overlarge ears perked as she scanned the crowds.

“Over here!” Uko shouted.

The hatchling bounded forward, darting straight for Erix now that her mind was made up. She took a flying leap at him and he caught her with hastily outstretched arms.

“I’m Oneya Kamii,” said the hatchling, laughing. “And you’re exactly perfect for me!”

“I am, am I?” Erix replied, grinning.

“I promise I won’t be any trouble.” She scrunched up one eye in an attempted wink as she spoke. She was very likely going to be loads of trouble.

Having regarded her sister’s path down the outcrop, the second twin followed suit, her steps careful and precise, head held high as she descended into the semi-circle of candidates. She’d finished her thinking before she left the nest and turned to Mieka without hesitation. Some of her confidence fizzled as she approached the young ambassador.

“I’m Oneya Izu,” she said, “And I’d like to do great things with you.”

Name: Oneya Izu
Gender: Female
Color: Black Pin
Genes: black pastel, pinstripe
Hatchling Height: 1’1″ at shoulder
Hatchling Length: 5’8″
Personality: Izu doesn’t have the time or the mind for subterfuge, she’s blunt and honest, speaking her mind with straight forward precision. She takes her time to consider all the facts before she makes any decisions and abhors when other people act rashly. Izu would like to believe that people are inherently good, and being honest means everyone is more likely to receive what they need. In turn, Izu tries to be kind and giving wherever possible, but she lacks patience when it comes to tomfoolery and repeated mistakes. She’s a trustworthy ear to confide in and is excellent at keeping secrets. 
Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Drifting/Wingless Flight, Lifespan Alteration, Water Breathing, Water Manipulation