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Mother [ The Dragon ]
Name No name. Monster, “the Elder”, Shy calls her the Mother and the name has stuck.
Age Very, very old.
Appearance The Mother is a very old dragon, and no one has been able to quite pinpoint which myth or legend, or plane of existence she is from. She does not boast and claim she is the very first, but there is something very old, and very powerful about her bones.
The Mother has held many different variations of her form. Shy remembers when he first met her, and she was larger than the Vella Crean (many of his Projects think this is a gross exaggeration); and how she had twin horns that billowed with smoke and fire (really Shy?). Now she is about the size of a large Pernese gold, not entirely too colossal, with two wings, a tail, two sweeping horns and large ragged spines across her back to the end of her tail. There is something weathered about her appearance; it is hard to tell if she has hide, or scales that had been buffeted by years and have smoothed down to the appearance of worn hide. Every so often, her eyes might gleam purple and there might be just a wisp of purple smoke around her, but it passes very quickly and could be considered a trick of light.
Personality The Mother is a very tired, weary being who isn’t quite in touch with the rest of the world. She finds the antics of the different Nexus inhabitants and particularly this stunning blue dragon quite impressive (she is sure, back in the day she must have been as ambitious and as driven), but now she watches with the amusement of an adult watching the behavior of a puppy. Cute, just don’t come too close (or bite).
She is indulgent, and patient, and enjoys coddling the spiky and the vicious. Look, how sweet it is! She doesn’t have specific qualms to do with other species; they exist, have existed, and will continue to exist. Some are quite tasty though, but she has learned to refrain from snacking on visitors who are smaller than herself.
Ability Mother is a very old dragon. No one quite knows what talents she hides underneath her ‘old granny’ routine. She can fly, teleport, and there is definitely something about purple fire breath; but she hasn’t been very open about what she is capable of.
Standing at the Death Court

Death Court Candidate Story

Bonded:The Mother
Colour:Radioactive blue
Parents:Naxi’im and Nemondath
Personality:Mischievous, Honest, People-oriented, and Loves to debate 

From the Death Court Hatching

The first to hatch was a large, speckled egg from Nemondath’s clutch. All of her eggs were darker coloured than her sisters’. That seemed to be where the differences ended. Each queen had a near equal amount of eggs, and all of them had a few that were a fair amount larger than the others.

From the shattered shell pieces tumbled a body so dark that Takith narrowed her eyes and growled.

::It’s black,:: she grumped. ::I’m supposed to be the only black one.::

::Calm yourself, sister dear,:: Nemondath replied with a tone that spoke of infinite patience. She bent her head to nuzzle the little hatchling, causing it to roll on its back and reveal bright, almost luminous patches of blue. ::He’s not black. He’s blue.::

The hatchling lifted his head and chirped up at Nemondath, seemingly confused by his surroundings. At an encouraging nod from the dark queen, he gathered his feet beneath himself and wobbled at a hurried pace over to a towering black dragoness lurking near the peace delegation. Faint drifts of purple smoke lingered in the air around her.

::Mother! You are not my mother, but you are my Mother! I am Kemelth and I am yours!::

With the first bonding made, the air in the cavern seemed to lighten, and noise crept in around the edges once more. Three more eggs cracked and split on the sands, and a few of the candidates crowded closer to see the new hatchlings.