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Naran [ Zlada ]

Name Naran
Age 59
Appearance Tall and heavily built with brown skin, she has curious feel about her. She has dark brown eyes, and short, luscious, black hair.
Personality Affable, open-minded and vain.
Ability Clownfish Shapeshifter and Bard
Adoptable character and rider from the Refugium

Name: Zlada
Gender: Male
Species: Nekrat
Adult Length: 82′
Color: Foam
Abilities: telepathy, teleportation, underwater breathing
Personality: Zlada is wild and carefree. He goes with the flow and doesn’t care what others think of him as long as he’s having fun. Pleasure is his main priority and he’s always in search of new experiences; food to taste, people to meet, places to visit. His adventurous nature is difficult to dissuade. His enthusiasm for novel experiences can be overwhelming, but his delightful cheer and affable nature often make up for his over-the-top excitement. He loves helping Naran write stories and songs but has no musical talent of his own.
Bond: Naran

From the Hatching:

Naran kept close to the coral reefs as she surveyed the hatching, keeping to her innocuous clownfish form. With each hatchling that swam by she made mental notes of fantastical colorations to be used in later stories and songs.:

: It’s hard to find you in there :: shouted a vivacious mindvoice.

Naran peaked around a branch of coral and came face to face with a brilliant white nekrat kitten, already quite robust despite being fresh out of the egg.

:: You’re so tiny like that! :: the nekrat giggled. :: I’m Zlada and I’ll make sure nobody bowls you over. ::

Where are they now?

  • Naran and Zlada have taken up permanent residence at the Embassy at the Refugium. Savas enjoys her songs, and Mieka thinks that they could use the bard’s creativity in soft diplomacy tactics. What better way to share tales of the Vella Crean than with fantastical stories?
  • Naran is hard at work crafting new tunes for the Vella Crean, and many of them have grown to be very popular at the Refugium. Sometimes, they have taken to travelling across the Nexus in search for new inspiration, but most of the time they can be found travelling between the Vella Crean and the Refugium on business trips.