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Navir [ The Steward ]

Kim Woo Bin
Name Navir
Age Mid 20’s
Appearance Navir is tall and reed thin: he is skinny with almost no muscle, and just based on his physical appearance, he really isn’t very threatening. With pale skin (pale! See that! A mark of just how prestigious he really is!), dark eyes, and dark hair that is worn closely clipped and slicked away from his face, Navir is very well put together and almost always dressed in professional and stoic clothing.
Navir has a pretty face: and he knows it. Navir’s face is set in arrogant lines: he is snide and haughty to people he believes are beneath him, but just as quickly, that pretty face can shift to more pleasant expressions.
Navir is very proper. His bearing is rigid, his grip firm, and his countenance traditional. He dresses the way a Steward is meant to dress, and is never inappropriate, or behaves publicly in ways that could bring censor to the Council.
Personality Navir considers himself a “good” guy.
He is loyal: Navir and his family followed the Weyrwoman of Istabitha’s Weyr from Pern; they have a long history of being silent shadows by the Empress’ side, and continue to be the right hand of the council.
He is respectful: Navir understands the importance of power. He knows his father has a voice on the council and is able to sway decisions in way the Leaders of the Courts are unable to; he knows, that as long as he quietly moves up the ranks he could be just as important as his father.
Navir is good with people. He knows how to talk and flatter, to tease out secrets. But he is not good to people. Navir understands the importance of relationships, but he has no respect for anyone who may be his equal, or worse, inferior to him.
He has a very fluid moral compass and has no qualms doing dirty and illegal deeds: much to his family’s disconcertment. He is ambitious, and feels with the Vella Crean having connected to the rest of the Nexus, there is nothing that he can’t do.
Ability Navir is human. We think.
Standing at Dawn Watch’s Imperial Clutch

The Beginning

  • Navir is born the second child, eldest son to the Steward of the Vella Crean; an old title from a distant world that has no real meaning any more; except it serves the Steward well. He is part of the Council, and has been the silent eyes and ears for the Empress of the Vella Crean.
  • Navir is… not like his sister, who is quiet and obedient, pleasant and charming. Navir watches the movements of the Council and listens, gossips with the help who run to and fro from the Courts and finds the grief of the Leader of the Light Court amusing, the rage of the Leader of the Dark Court delightful.
  • From a young age, he scurries to and fro from the Courts, carrying messages, doing little favours, learning the intricacies of the Courts. While his sister starts to shadow their Father, and the youngest brother their Mother, Navir is happier living amongst the drama and the political intrigue of the Courts.
  • When the Blood Court is created, he is still a child, and more than once Navir is tempted to stand as a candidate; a dragon who holds sway over the Light and the Dark? Maybe one of them was meant for him. But Navir never feels the call of a hatchling crying for him from the sands, and he hides his disappointment by working harder to ingratiate himself into not two, but three courts.
  • The closure of the Vella Crean is no surprise; no, Navir already has his fingers on the pulse of the gossip, and he is quick to share the news with his Father. The Vella Crean will close, and they will be alone. Is this not the best time to hoard the best wine and the best food from the Nexus? Imagine how prices for rare vintages will sky rocket!
  • His Father is… not pleased with Navir’s entrepreneurial spirit, so he takes instead his quiet words and whispers to the Matriarch of the Family, who delights in this news and rewards Navir generously.

The Death Court Wars

  • The years of the Death Court wars is not kind on the Vella Crean, and Navir witnesses great changes and political schisms. The Light Court Leader who was mad with grief regains control of her sanity, and an uneasy detente is formed between the two Courts. Navir learns that power is not permanent, and that you cannot afford to burn any bridges.
  • The Empress falls into a coma, and for the first time Navir witnesses his father’s weakness. So lost and uncertain, unsure who he is to serve.
  • “The Leader of the Light Court is the true heir” he tells his father slyly.
  • “The Leader of the Dark Court understands war, she is holding the tide at bay.” he tells his father slyly.
  • Navir waits to see who his father will side with; it is not the Blood Court, he is certain. The Dragon-less leader who has done nothing but watch at the sidelines, showing mercy and compassion on the lost ones but not doing much more.
  • Navir has no patience for those who will not use their powers, or those who lack the ambition to take more
  • Navir quietly waits for the dust to settle, and watches as his father chooses to side with the Empress in a coma. He watches, confused at the loyalty the generals and the leaders show towards a woman who is just one breath away from death’s door.
  • Navir does not understand the loyalty demonstrated by his father and his sister, and contemplates himself; is this, how he is supposed to be?
  • He continues to serve both the Light and Dark Courts. Until the Heir returns.

The Dark Court Heir

  • Celeste returns to the Vella Crean, and Navir is struck at how ambitious and intelligent the heir is. She is beautiful, and Navir delights in seeing someone with the same passion and drive that he does. To make a difference and show the world how Important they can be.
  • He listens to her quiet anger at having missed the Imperial Court, and watches as she quietly amasses political power. This Heir has learnt under the Red Mage, in the war torn world of Tris’ Hath- she has ideas and plans and is beyond anything Navir has seen before.
  • (Navir develops a little crush).
  • “The Heiress of the Dark Court needs help, support.” he quietly whispers into the ears of the Dark Court leader, and she with the blood red hair and the blood red eyes agrees, amused. “Will you be that help?” she asks, and Navir is delighted.
  • He becomes Steward to the Dark Court Heir, and starts playing his role with new passion. He will help his Lady gain power, respect, political clout; and in return, he will be a man greater than his father ever was.

The Imperial Clutch

  • Celeste stands as a candidate at Clan Vecira’s Court clutch; it is not quiet as special as the Imperial clutch, but they know that it is still quite a significant event. Celeste returns home with a hatchling as proud and as haughty as the rider, and Navir is delighted when the hatchling takes to him.
  • There is still work to be done; a Dark Court dragon has forcefully ended his bond with his rider and has bonded with a Death Court; there is dissent in the ranks. Riders who have had their dragons torn from them, dragons who are traumatized by having their riders killed by clutchmates.
  • “Wouldn’t it be nice, if they had a voice?” he asks quietly, and Celeste agrees.
  • They quietly encourage Ouari to form the Lost Riders Foundation; a new group within the Vella Crean, seemingly independent but led by the Dark Court rider.
  • Celeste delights in their plays of political intrigue, and shares plans she has discussed with Shy, the scientist. There are plans for more Courts, new Courts, and the quiet beginnings of armies across the Nexus.
  • Celeste has ambitions, ambitions supported by the General with his steely eyes (and soon very sneakily seconded to the Empyrean Stair Court clutch), and Navir knows that maybe it is his turn.
  • “I need a dragon.” he tells his Lady.
  • “You need a dragon.” she agrees. “But not any dragon.”
  • (Navir is quietly disappointed, because he is sure that perhaps it would be poetic justice for him to bond with a Dark Court)
  • “Dawn Watch has an Imperial Clutch on their sands.” Celeste’s eyes are full of brilliant fire, and Navir nods along.
  • “An Imperial?” he does not want to outclass his Lady, he tells her, and she laughs.
  • It is a kind laugh, and again Navir feels a certain thrill at having made the right decision (and wonders if maybe this is what loyalty is supposed to feel like).
  • “Shy will take you to Dawn Watch.” Celeste decides. “You will stand for an Imperial, and you will return to me.”
  • Navir agrees. He cannot quite imagine being anywhere else.

The purple waited a few moments longer, using a paw to try and dislodge a few more bits of shell, before giving up and starting to move. He took some time to find the right person, eventually settling before Navir. “My apologies for not looking my best, Navir. I am Tiralth. Perhaps you could help me clean up before we get something to eat?”

“Probably better the other way around” The young steward said “You’ll just get messy again when you eat, so we might as well do that first and only have to clean up once”

Title: The Tricky Shapeshifter
Name: Tiralth
Pronunciation: tee-rah’l-th
Rank: Mid
Gender: Male
Bonded to:Navir (Naeodin)
Colour Codes: #342962 | #6658A6 | #4A34B0
Size: 11’6 at the shoulder | 46′ long
Personality: Cunning | Faithful | Analytical | Progressive

  • Mystical Erudition – Possesses a photographic memory and clearly recalls everything they have heard.