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Naya [ The Hub ]

Lani Baker
Name Naya
Age Prime
Appearance Naya is small and slender, with pale skin and long coppery hair that trails behind her when she walks. These days, small Pigeons have taken to helping her with her hair, braiding it into ornate pieces that tinkle with bells and sparkle with jewels: too much work for the Project to maintain on her own. She is delicately built, and adorned in pretty little jewels and costumes. Ari is not quite sure Shy realizes Naya is an actual Project, and not a doll.
Personality Naya is flighty and easily distracted. But this is less because she finds it hard to focus, and more because she has so much information in her head, and she needs to make sure the appropriate messages are funneled through to the right people.
She is overall very sweet natured, and a little bit of a gossip. But with the information she knows, is it any surprise that she likes to create drama?
Ability Naya is an avatar for the Pigeon network; ever since the Imperial Hatching, Shy has become neurotic about his networking being hacked by an external force, and important messages being missed by his Projects. Naya follows him around, and like a canary in a cave, he keeps an eye on her to make sure his network is functioning.
Standing at Isla Weyr

Naya stared with fascinated eyes at the white hatchling who watched her with equally fascinated eyes. He paused, letting out a delicate little sniff.

You’ll do he proclaimed.

Naya laughed. She turned towards the Scientist who watched with patience. “I know what you’re doing.” she said outloud in a singsong voice.

“What am I doing, dear one?” he asked.

She laughed again. “I am sure it is not a coincidence that the hatchling of the infamous queen and the blue who is bonded to the Red Mage’s heir is mine.” she turned laughing eyes that glinted molten gold. “But I will keep your secret, scientist.”

As will I Avith proclaimed proudly.

Size Classsport
Suggested Length37′ 9″
Suggested Height7′ 7″
Personality Traitscheerful, conseited
Sponser Requirementsdoes not require a bond (prefered)
Abilitiestelepathy: can speak using his/her mind onlyteleportation: can travel to a different location instantlytelekinesis: can move objects with their mindassisted fire breath: can breath fire after digesting firestone