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Nimra+Premis [ The Meddlers ]

“He has sneaky intentions.” Nimra warned.

“That he does, sister.” Premis agreed. “But Shy has always had sneaky intentions.”

Name Nimra and Premis
Age Young
Appearance Nimra and Premis look very similar to each other. Both are tall and slender, with pale skin and choppy raven hair that doesn’t quite reach their shoulders. Both have dark eyes that rarely glint molten gold, and can often be found exclusively in each other’s company.
Nimra and Premis consider themselves interchangeable for each other. They are not quite twins, per se (it gets complicated when Shy is involved, doesn’t it?) and they do not wear any distinguishing markers for others. Although they do not specifically try to dress alike, they cannot help preferring the same colors and the same fabrics.
Personality Nimra and Premis do not have obviously different personalities. Both are quiet, playful, a little bit sneaky and a little bit mischievious. It is hard to use personality as the differentiating factor for the two.
They do not correct people who get them wrong. But they do not try to go out of their way to confuse people. If you have a specific question for Nimra or Premis, they will point the other out. But otherwise, what one knows, the other does also. What is the point in secrets?
Ability Nimra and Premis are known as the “Meddlers”. They have an odd an unusual gift of being able to jump into various timelines, and correct or adjust them deliberately. Shy likes to say this very different from simple time travellers, who might not know the impact their decisions or actions make have. What Nimra and Premis does is more deliberate and purposeful.
Standing at the Dragonhope Weyr
Y8 Brown-winged Green F QANIFLIRTH Nimra
Y8 Dark Green GRIXADITH Premis

“He has sneaky intentions.” Nimra warned.

“That he does, sister.” Premis agreed. “But Shy has always had sneaky intentions.”

The twin sniffed indignantly, crossing her arms. “We knew it was too good an idea when he wanted us to bond dragons.”

But we were meant to be Qaniflirth responded.

“Of course.” Nimra reassured her bond. “He enjoys spending time with the Sangers. But it was more then that.”

“He wants us to mess with the timelines.” Premis’s eyes tightened around her sisters, and Grixadith let out a noise that was more akin to a growl.

“Now, dears.” Shy smiled, his feline green eyes flashing with amusement. “Just a little tweak-“

“No.” came the unanimous response.

“We could stop the Vella Crean from disappearing.”

“Too many alternate timelines. Too complicated.”

Premis scowled. “We want Mia to have lots of lovely babies. We need the Vella Crean to disappear.”

“Pretentiouth could-“

“No.” came the same unanimous response. “We need Naxi’im. The Death Court is the beginning of events that will reshape the Nexus. Alliances. Wars. Battles. We will not alter this course.”

Shy crossed his arms, frowned. Pouted. Cajoled. But the Meddlers remained adamant.

“We will keep the timeline on its course.” Nimra insisted. “But-“

“But?” Shy’s eyes gleamed.

“But we will keep an eye on it.” Premis responded grudgingly. “We will make sure your Empress survives. We will warn you.”

Shy’s lips curved into a smile. “Thank you my dears.”