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Name Rhinochimera
Age Adult
Adult Length: 29′
Color: Purple-Lilac with Pink-Purple Fins
Personality  Rhinochimera is a fierce, free-spirited dragon who chose to go with Savas in order to meet the infamous Shy and (hopefully) make a good enough impression to become some use to the man. He’s hot-tempered and protective of the people that uphold his ideals. He has a great sense of curiosity and freedom, but is happy to follow orders as long as they come from a master he’s chosen. He lacks the characteristic patience of his bloodline and instead itches for immediate results. He hates leaving questions unanswered.
Ability Telepathy, Underwater Breathing, Distracting Eye, Teleportation, Light Show
Sponsorling from the Refugium

From the hatching

Rhinochimera lacked his father’s preternatural patience, so it was no wonder that he was among the first of his siblings to hatch. His body was a myriad of purples and pinks, set aglow by the bobbing white light extending off his chin. He cast his parents a cursory glance before darting into the darkness in search of his own destiny.

A bond wasn’t for him. Even in his egg it was difficult not to hear whispers of the infamous Shy, and Rhino’s curiosity had become unbearable.

He surfaced with trepidation, squinting at the light. He’d have to get used to this.

:: Savas! :: he called with his mind.

The Project appeared, accompanied by their myrmex. Rhino breathed relief; he hadn’t been too late to meet them.

:: I’d like to come with you and see what use I can be to the Labs. ::

Where is Rhinochimera now?

  • Before the stunning beta-dragonfish was given permanent residence at the Lab, Ari made Shy swear on Nae’s life that he would not create an Aquatic Court.
  • Ari knows that Rhinochimera is going to be a bad influence, and already, the dragonfish dragon has become fast friends with the Scientist. He is so curious, so ambitious, and! so impatient! The Scientist sees a little bit of himself inside the vibrant colored dragonfish, and has decided to personally take him under his wing.
  • When Rhinochimera is not poking and prodding inquisitively at every new Project and idea in the Labs, he can often be found making fast friends with Al-eem’isan, and Tatszel. Two distinctively chaotic forces of nature who really should not hang out together.
  • Rhinochimera has decided to take it upon himself to expand Shy’s very limited pool of aquatic dragons. You might have him traveling across the Nexus networking at different aquatic events, or convincing clutch mothers that he would make a great sponsor.