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Simya [ A Lost Child ]

Masie Williams
Name Simya
Age 12-13
Appearance Simya is small, a little short of her age, with dark hair and dark eyes that are always very carefully blank. As if she is careful to make sure that she doesn’t exhibit any emotion or trace of personality.
She is normally dressed in very heavy, thick clothing, no matter the weather. As if she has a chill in her bones that won’t quite leave her alone. She wears a necklace of thin leather that holds three small stubs: shards of Death Court horns that Tamin has collected for her.
Personality Simya is blank. It is a good word for her. She is quiet and dutiful, and is always around to help out the Varus couple with the other children. She minds them with a quiet strength, but does not seem to smile or laugh. Rarely, she scolds a few who are a little too adventurous and playful, but otherwise she tends to them in a quiet and blank way, as if she does not want to show too much of her true nature and her own personality.
Simya is not dull, and she is also not too cold. But there is something carefully controlled about her movements and her actions, with a lack of expression and personality. Simya does not like to draw too much attention to herself, to a point that the Varus couple still have not figured out what the little girl likes to do. What does she enjoy? What does she dislike? No one seems to know.
Ability Simya is human.
Making sure Tamin stays out of trouble at the Checkerboard Ball
  • When the Vella Crean closed themselves off from the rest of the Nexus, Simya was happy. Her family was safe, protected in a world that held no visitors or foreigners.
  • When the Death Court attacked, Simya was lost. Her family was… missing. Missing was a good word: and one day, she knew she would find them again, but for a very long time her family went missing and Simya found herself under the care of the Varus couple.
  • It was hard for the Varus couple to get answers from the little girl. One day she showed up at their doorstep, holding a bag full of scant belongings, and quiet little strenght.
  • “I can work.” the little girl said carefully. “I can clean, and clear up.”
  • It hurt the mother’s heart, so they took in the little girl who took up almost no room. She slept in the room with the others, made sure that the younger ones kept out of trouble, that when the Death Court dragons screamed into battle, the littlest were distracted and silent in the basement.
  • She was a good caretaker, and so the Varus couple left questions unanswered.
  • Her family, if they were out there somewhere, had not come to collect the little girl, and the little girl needed a home.
  • One day the little girl came home with broken shards of horn, and asked the Varus mother for leather cords.
  • “What do you need it for?” she asked.
  • The little girl opened her hand to show shards of horns and fangs in a distinct shade of the Death Court dragons.
  • “Do you want to bury it?” she asked again.
  • “Wear it.” Simya answered quietly, her face and pose careful. “Present.”
  • And from that day, the little girl wore a necklace of Death Court horns around her neck, carefully tucked under layers and layers of clothes, close to her skin.
  • One day the little girl came home with a boy with angry eyes and a sullen mouth, always quick to jeer and jab and argue.
  • “Is he your brother?” the Varus father asked the little girl, and she shook her head.
  • “My family was killed by the Death Court dragons.” Tamin answered, his words bitter and jagged.
  • So much anger in a little boy: the Varus couple worried about introducing such an angry force of nature into the family. What if he twisted and turned the other children into angrier, brittle shards? Into weapons that threw themselves at the Death Court?
  • But the little girl placed a hand on the angry boy’s shoulder, and he seemed to settle and calm. And she smiled. A small quirk of her lips, and it was enough for the Varus couple.
  • He would stay, because he was important to their little girl.

And he made her smile.

  • Hvar came to visit with his two wherlings, laughing about the antics of the Raptor Queens. There was to be a ball full of important dignitaries, and the three Queens were discussing costumes! To wear in raptor form! He found it hilarious, but Simya found it worrisome.
  • She saw the dark light enter Tamin’s eyes, the idea that was forming in his head.
  • One night, Tamin snuck out of their home with a little bag of food and a well worn knife, and Simya followed.
  • “What are you doing here?” Simya did not mind the way Tamin hissed and spat his words.
  • “Keeping you out of trouble.” she answered, annoyed at the thought that something would happen to Tamin. Did he think he could go fight a dragon? A King? “This is stupid, you can’t win against a Death Court dragon. Alone.” she had seen riders fall from the sky, dragons burn in blue flame.
  • The boy scowled at her with angry eyes, and she felt just that small glimmer of anger flare back in her own.
  • “Just watch me.”
  • She answered the challenge in his own with another in her own. “I’ll keep you safe.”