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Striga [ The Daughter ]

Maya Strojek
Name Striga
Age Maybe 18. Maybe?
“Oh my. Aren’t you a feast,” she purred in a sweet, sultry voice too old for the girl that stood before them. Striga could not have been out of her teens yet. Eighteen at most. Yet she stood with the confidence and figure of a woman grown. The silky violet dress that draped across her frame accentuated her curves. The long, glossy black hair hanging to her mid-back, half of it caught up with ornate pins and ties that glittered like jewels in a night sky, provided just a hint of cover with the way she kept it draped over one shoulder. Crimson eyes roamed up and down Van, and then each of his children in turn. Then she held out a hand like a queen expecting patronage.New Arrivals
Personality A sultry, somewhat spoiled little princess who lives in an ivory tower surrounded by monsters and dragons, Striga might be one of the most dangerous monsters in the Lab.
She is smart and confident, wiley beyond her “youth” and with a certain panache of using her blooming sexuality to get what she wants. She simpers, croons and purrs, and never ‘speaks’, she perches, curls on and adorns furniture but never sits. Its as if Faust took the best and brightest attributes of his dear Scientist and turned him into a hormonal and dangerous teenage girl.
Ability Striga considers the other Projects her siblings, and the sentient Lab her much older and goofier brother. If the ability to call other Projects is not enough, she also displays the ability to create vines. Black, sticky, sharp vines that like to grab and tear at Death Court dragons.
Partying at the Checkerboard Ball