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Styre Balechild

Name Styre Balechild (Danish, “To rule, govern, control”)
Age Young
Appearance Styre is a stunning wyvern with red hide and the signature balefire markings for wings and “crest”.
Personality Styre is chaotically evil aligned. He is a young man who has recently tasted freedom and is traveling across the Nexus trying to identify the best way to use his corruption powers. He has no qualms in hurting people along the way, and has unfortunately made the acquaintance of a certain green eyed scientist who only encourages his immoral behaviour. Styre’s particularly prefered blend of corruption is making things burn in unholy fire and twisting phyiscal structures to hold the eerie balefire glow.
Corruption Powers, Mastery over the corruption of anything around them, organic, inorganic, and magical alike.
Destruction Powers, These Balespawn are an incarnation of destruction as well as corruption. Destroying anything around them comes with natural ease, not from brute strength but from force of will. That being said, corruption is always their first choice. The destruction of anything that could have been corrupted is a last resort.
Immortality, The cessation of physical aging upon reaching maturity and possession of eternal life thereafter. Can still be killed by lethal injuries.
Realm-Travelling, Above and beyond simple teleportation, the ability to realm-travel and cross into dimensions separated from the Nexus by more than mere space and time.
Shapeshifting, The ability to shapeshift into any other form, without limitation.
Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
Phe’s Shipping Square

Styre Balechild is adjacently associated with Shy, but does not live in the Labs. He’s considered a little bit too much bad publicity (people will talk!), but the Scientist and the Balechild have an ongoing friendship, and both are quite aware of each other’s movements and actions.

Styre is been quietly encouraged to seek out like minded individuals. Shy wants to figure out how he can modify balefire to his own use (maybe as a way to combat the Deathcourt’s blue fire?) and is encouraging the young Balechild to experiment and come into his own power.

At the moment, Styre is a young adult. A little bit foolish and quite impressionable. He might come across Bekira Khan and her faction of Dark Riders. Or, maybe he will meet Bracken Balechild first, a cousin of sorts.