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Tarian [Blood Court Archivist]

Jenna Coleman
Name Tarian
Age Early 20s
Appearance Tarian is small and pale with shoulder length dark hair that she wears in a careful and neat bun, and steady dark brown eyes. There is something gentle and warm about her, which puts most people at ease. Tarian gives off a very calm vibe, and is often in the company of many people. It’s as if she draws the stressed and the frazzled to her.
Personality Open and honest, with a very laissez faire approach to life, it is not that Tarian does not have plans or ambition, but that she has her own way of pursuing things. She cares deeply about others, and can often be found going out of her way to care for them.
Ability Tarian is human
Standing at Acicade Castle

Because Nae cannot brain stories any more

  • Tarian is a young archivist who is part of the Blood Court. Her parents are dragonriders, both thankfully still alive post Death Court wars. She grew up content and happy amongst the other dragon rider children, and from a young age seemed to be a bit of a maternal figure, with kids much younger than her flocking around her like little ducklings. 
  • During the time of the Death Court wars, she stayed mostly inside, doing what she could to help the fallen and wounded but mostly trying to keep careful records of what happened. Most of the reports of the Death Court wars are written in her careful hand, and now in the time of peace Tarian has decided to stop writing and enjoy life a little more instead. 
  • She has noticed an odd trend for Vella Crean residents to disappear to Icarus when they needed a little bit of peace and quiet, and time for quiet reflection. She’s not sure if its because of the stories that Whistle and Sabine have started sharing of their adventures, but the idea of vacationing to Icarus became a small idea that bore fruit. 
  • Tarian has asked the landscaper to help her plan her journey, to visit the different Castles and learn a little bit more about this culture that was so different from their own. The Landscaper is delighted at the thought, and has made arrangements for Tarian to start her journey “at the best”. 
  • (Acicade Castle after all, is where Whistle met Tafueb. Of course he would consider this the very best castle.)
  • The Blood Court has not allowed her to leave empty handed though. She brings with her gifts! And soft tactics of diplomacy. The Blood Court has seen the way the other courts have started to form ties with different worlds and players around them, and they do not want to be left behind. 
  • She is here officially on vacation, unofficially as a ambassador of the Vella Crean.