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Al-eem’isan [The Poppet]

Name Al-eem’isan
Age Young
Appearance Aleem, or ‘poppet’, as the Scientist likes to refer to him, is about 20′, small enough to be a tempting little snack to the nastier and gnarlier of beasts, large enough that the Labs adjusted its internal rooms to build him something close to the scientist. Because Shy adores this shiny, cranky little monster, and likes to have him close by.
Personality Aleem is the type of beastie who will delightfully chomp at those smaller (and thus tastier) than himself, but put him in a room with larger predators, and he will quietly meep into the corner, seeking out the largest and most dangerous predator to call his protector. He is slick and sly, drawn to chaos and power, but not willing to dirty his own hands or get himself into trouble. Maybe that is why Mari picked him up, because there is something about the ‘little’ beastie that reminded the fae of the Lost Boy.
Breath Weapon (Fire), The ability to breathe a gout of fire.
Chameleon, The ability to manipulate the colors and patterns on one’s hide.
Fire Immunity, Invulnerability to fire.
Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
Venomous Stinger, The tail-barb is venemous.
Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
From the Twisted Fate

Aleem is not the largest nor the bravest beastie. It was perhaps his very good fortune that an entirely too inquisitive Mari was exploring the Twisted Fate, looking to feed their newest charge, and that before he was Purged, they decided he would make quite the beautiful souvenir to bring home.

Aleem was not sure how he felt about being referred to as a toy. A trinket. A poppet.

But he did enjoy the tasty little snacks that he could always count on (we will not elaborate on what these little snacks are, as we are sure there are some who would not approve), the way his rooms sparkled and shone with jewels and soft cushions, and the way Tatszel always found something to entertain them with.

Oh, the hours they could spend visiting planets, gorging themselves.

No one would try to eat him and he would not need to fight for his survival here. He had two protectors: the shadowling who had been nothing more than a tiny little grub with glowing eyes, now a power, and the odd eyed man with the silky voice and the shinily bedazzled hands who crooned at him pretty little words and seemed to delight in his voracious appetite.

My poppet, the Scientist would call him. My beautiful shiny little jewel.

And Aleem was fine with it.