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The Courts

“The Vella Crean” refers to both the planet as well as main city, overseen by dragon riders.

Traditionally, the Vella Crean has led by the Empress and three courts: The Light, The Dark, and The Blood.

More recently, Shy has been hard at work tinkering in his labs, creating new lines for the Vella Crean. The first: The Imperial Court.

Court dragons come in the following colors:

Gold (female)
Bronze (male)
Brown (male) [Copper for Imperials, both]
Red (both)
Purple (both)
Blue (male)
Green (female)
Alternate genders do exist.

Court breeding and genetics: Court genetics run true: each court can clutch or sire court dragons. If the sir and dam or different courts, both courts will be possible. (ie: A Light Court Dam and Dark Court sire will have Light, or Dark Court hatchlings. If one of their progeny mates with a Blood Court, all three Courts will become possible). If lineage gets diluted with other lines, the descendents would not be considered “Court” dragons.

Special note on Imperial Courts: First generation Imperial Courts were specifically engineered for their bonds. Their traits and abilities will naturally pass down, allowing archivists to track lineage (i.e: Menelith’s descendents may bear his silver markings, but they will not display Saniyath’s rosettes as part of Menelith’s genetics.)

Special note on Imperial Guard: First generation Imperial Guards were specifically engineered for their bonds, or for the Imperial they swear allegiance to. Second generation Guards by natural breeding may display the same markings, and the descendents will be naturally inclined in loyalty to “their” Imperial line. (i.e: Kanishkath’s Guards will breed true, each descendent that displays the blue floral markings will be more inclined to swear loyalty to her). For Guards who have are not directly aligned with an Imperial, their traits and abilities will naturally pass down, their descendents will not suddenly display the markings and allegiance towards an Imperial without tampering.

The Imperial Court

A new line of Vella Crean dragons based off the genetics of Clan Vecira, the Imperial Courts combines several aspects of the Light, the Dark, and the Blood Court. The Imperial Court are capable of several different abilities across the three courts, including fire breath, venom bite, and elemental magic. Each Imperial Court is unique: with their own classification, and 2 unique abilities hand crafted by Shy.

Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation Fire Breath, Fire Balls, Venom Bite, Elemental Magic

The Imperial Guard

The Light Court

The original dragons of the Vella Crean, the Light Court dragons represent Vella Crean’s history and traditions.

Born to Ryslen born Queen Lollaseth, dragon of Maramia, they have forward facing horns over their eyes, a large crest, and small ears.

Light Court dragons are capable of telepathy, teleportation, fire breath and fire balls. There was limited tampering done by Shy, with most of their traits inherited from their Pernese ancestors.

Light Court dragons traditionally bond at birth- they are capable of verbal speech but prefer telepathy, and are traditional and honour bound.

Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation, Fire Breath, Fire Balls

The Dark Court

The Dark Court dragon were naturally born during a time of terrible grief at the Vella Crean. The Light Court leader’s consort had died in the Tris’ Hath wars, and stricken with grief, both dragon and rider had descended into a short period of madness. During this time, Queen Lollaseth clutched, the eggs hatching into a mix of Light, and Dark Court hatchlings.

Dark Court dragons are bulkier than their Light Court counterparts, and are armed with sharp ebon horns and spikes on their neck. They are capable of telepathy and teleportation, and secrete venom both from their fangs and the their scorpion stinger.

Dark Court dragons have historically been at odds with the Light Court. They are seen as repulsive, and “evil”. However, they are very loyal, passionate fighters, with a slightly tendency to violence.

Dark Court dragons traditionally bond at birth- they are capable of verbal speech but prefer telepathy, are passionate and very loyal to the Dark Court.

Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation, Venom Bite, Poison Stinger

The Blood Court

There continues to be very little recorded about the Blood Court dragons. What is known is that they display blood like markings on their paws and muzzles, have a pair of backwards jutting horns, and sport webbed tines over neck and tails. The Blood court is that which connects the Dark to the Light, and keeps the two polar courts from going to war.

The Blood Court is Shy’s answer to the two warring factions. Genetically manipulated to command dominance over the Light and Dark Courts, Blood Court dragons are have power over elemental magic, as well as unusual sway over their brethren.

Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation, Blood Activated Elemental Magic