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A chronology of events that have transpired at the Vella Crean

– 10 Year The Vella Crean disappears from the Nexus
Shy gets punted off the Vella Crean, builds the Labs
The Death Court: Origins Story (RP between Naeodin and Mystic)

– 5 YearThe First battle with the Death Court.
The Beginning of war with the Death Court, Naeodin ends up in a coma.

– 1 Year The Scientist Searches for the Vella Crean
Savas is sent to the Refugium as a candidate. The voices tell her that the way back to the Vella Crean will involve ‘lineage’.
Sidhu the dreamwalker walks in Naeodin’s dreams, who tells her that they are not ready. Shy will need ‘dragons’ to return.
Ishaan gains his title as “Search Rider”, undertakes the daunting task of identifying eligible projects and ensuring they are sent through the world to bond dragons.
Sha-ne the albino basilisk finds Esche and Iesha, Zekiran Nagas. They are brought back to the Labs, but end up at Koshi Kedai
Atlas rediscovers Istabitha’s Weyr- identifies a timeline where, if the right people impress, they will return to the Vella Crean
Shy creates Nami using genetic material from Naeodin. Sends her to Istabitha’s Weyr as a candidate. He cannot resist attending the hatching and meeting Naeodin. Shy decides to set up an embassy at the Refugium, to begin creating and seeding contacts for the Vella Crean.
Ari arrives at the Refugium, and begins to build the connections and fill out the necessary paperwork for the Embassy.
Imraan the architect takes a small vacation on Icarus to gain inspiration for a new project- the Embassy.
Aki is sent to Dawn Watch to begin her training as a linguist

Year 0 The Imperial Court Hatching
The Imperial Court : The Vella Crean reconnects to the Nexus (RP between Naeodin and Mystic)
Shy finds the Vella Crean
Naeodin wakes from her coma, with the aide of Mystic and Aaron from Tris’ Hath, and Onesto

Present Time, in chronological order
The Embassy is established at the Refugium: Meika arrives as the official Ambassador from the Vella Crean, to oversee Shy’s activities.
A delegation is sent to Isla Weyr for the Sports Frenzy: Shy attends with Ari and Tiskaya, who is seeking freedom and independence, as well as Yaye, a Dark Court General, stationed to keep tabs on Shy.
The dome reconnects (unwillingly) with the Vella Crean. Venis heads to the Empyrean Stair to connect with Shan.
Nami and White Variant Perdeth discover alt. Benden Weyr, reconnects with Shy. Returns to alt. Benden Weyr with Amil a native Vella Crean trader and Emra, a Blood Court archivist seeking knowledge.
Ixis, the Collector seeks a bond and drags knew weapons master Maya to Empyrean Stair to their their luck at a Pernese clutch.
Platos the Ark heads to Clan Akelara to meet the naga and collect genetic samples for Shy.
Shy heads to Empyrean Stair to “hide” Kip, a Project created using the remnants of a powerful Spell, and Echo, a magic negator created specifically to control Kip.
Shy discovers Ravi, a monster creature. Decides to hide him at Dawn Watch under Sylden’s care. He starts to seek out other monster creatures dreamed off by “the girl”.

The Imperial Guard Hatches.

Hvar and the Raptor Queens second to Dawn Watch to bond with whers.
Whistle heads to Acicade Castle to escape the pressures of war.
Celeste returns to the Vella Crean, signifying the beginning of a change in leadership. The first off-world court clutch is announced at Clan Vecira; (since the reboot). Shy escorts Celeste to stand at the clutch. Kalkan, a fire elemental and Nana, a newly recruited monster follow. The Light Court assigns Kas the dragonhealesr to attend; they cannot have Shy work outside of their purview.
Kekova returns to the Vella Crean and wants to settle down. Shy sends him to Dawn Watch for the polar wher clutch; to personally attend and see what his prodigy has been up to.

Shy tinkers with the other geneticists at Carramba High; the Cyber Court is announced.

Sabine starts burning out at work and making mistakes; Ari seconds her to Lantessama Isle, believing the break might be worthwhile.Beta is sent to Sylden at Dawn Watch, Shy asks his student to “fix” the broken Project.

Vecira Court Clutch Hatches

Ymeth and Shiqinth join the Peace Delegation sent to the Death Court. Shy reconnects with the Mother, who tells him of a very interesting clutch at the Vella Crean; he creates Al Ain as a spy. Both stand at the Death Court clutch.
Namiya finds Kolten, the first of her new family. She brings him to Meridian Weyr, to meet old friends and to plan her next adventure.
The Lab absconds with Tomas and Kotor to Carramba High, Essai is delighted at the company.

The Death Court Clutch hatches, Ymeth cuts ties with Ouari and the Dark Court; Shiqinth returns home defeated and confused

Savr organizes a delegation of dragons to attend Meridian Weyr’s All Hallow’s Eve event, dressed as a Raptor Queen, Shiqinth as Naxi’im, and three court dragons as the three Death Court Queens.
Shiqinth is working through the ordeal that was the Death Court hatching, and is confused at being betrayed by Ymeth. Amina discovers him, and both are brought to the Empyrean Stair to stand for the Court Clutch. The General, Shy’s advocate on the council, and Rina, Heir to the Blood Court follow.

Empyrean Stair Court Clutch Hatches

Navir is promoted to the Dark Court Heir’s Steward; he is sent to the Imperial Clutch at Dawn Watch.
Lan Mio leaves for Lantessama Isle
The Varus Couple take a surprise holiday, and visit the Refugium

The Empress attends the Checkerboard ball with the Steward and NaliaAri escorts Shy and Striga, and invites Aria to help control the damage. The Raptor Queens insist that this is their debutant ball, and Saris quietly attends as one of the council. Tamin and Simya sneak in with the Raptor Queens. Ait’Pillar-taj and Ait’Rao-taj also attend, following rumours about molten gold Projects.
Ait’Haro-Taj ends up at alt. Benden telling tales of a benevolent god.
Ait’ Mali- Taj ends up at the Refugium and wants to wrestle dragons.
The Empress attends the Flurry. The Head Healer attends. Devraj the monster finds himself at the Flurry.

The Vella Crean Court Clutch Hatches

Erinas Jariane accosts her friend Selfish McGreedypants and brings her to the Flurry. The Raptor Queens catch a ride with the pair to meet their new “nieces and nephews”
Shy finds another monster, Kenopsia who decides that the Heimdall Noulicorn clutch is just right for them, and bumps into Bracken Balechild who might just have a little crush. Full story here.
Ashri Filidesehmei, a water dragon finds himself at Xanadu Weyrhold looking for a way to shift to human.
Rhinochimera comes home with Shy, who begins to think about his lack of aquatic prowess. Time to change that! Naran is hired as a bard at the Embassy, while Carwaris and Galinnden find places of employment at the Dome.
Bekira Khan begins to slowly amass her own power now that the Nexus has re-united. Ait’Kara-Taj doesn’t understand this new trend of her cousins returning home with bonds, but wonders if it can be monetized. Jira has heard of the place with name that seems to make everyone giggle, with ties to the Red Mage. All are at Nidus Caelingenus, ready to spark off the next chapter of Vella Crean shenanigans.
Kolten searches his first candidate! MacKrie the stargazer who believes very much in the best of people is off to Shigan Weyr.
Caprice ends up at Lantessama Isle playing with the nekrats

Vella Crean Imperial Court Clutch Announced

Vaero Luctus Mors ends up at the Empyrean Stair by accident and learns that the Vella Crean is back. Maybe he should plan a visit home?
Tarian heads off to Acicade Castle as a unofficial diplomat
Shy has trouble little Ghita go, even part time, and so he sends Captcha to strengthen communication links with Lantessama Isle
Ait’Damya-Taj ends up at Isla Weyr, the same time Shy is tinkering with the Memorial Clutch.
(The General and Zahrarinath take a leave of absence)
Cha’an leads a delegation of Lost Riders to Techotl. Aya the Lost Child demands to follow.

The Flurry Hatches