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Varghese [ Trader ]

Akash Kumar
Name Varghese
Age Early thirties
Appearance Varghese is tall, broad, with dark skin and hewn muscle. He looks ill at ease in the suits that Samra insists he wears to maintain a professional image, and looks more at home in casual clothing. Varghese is the tallest of the brothers, and a distinct shadow that trails Samra to all of her meetings.
Personality Varghese is tall, dark, and silent. He has very few words to spare and prefers to intimidate people with glares and grunts, rather than to actually speak to them. Despite looking and behaving like hired muscle, he does have a sharp and incisive mind (Samra would not keep him around otherwise).
Ability Varghese is entirely human.
Standing at Isla Weyr

Samra stared at the dark toned hatching, peering at the hide that had the oddest swirls and markings. “Storm, did you say?” the matriarch asked.

Varghese nodded.

“How fascinating to see a dragon out of the normal five shades.”

The hatchling let out a curious creel, tilting his head, his eyes swirling with amusement.

Varghese grunted.

You don’t speak much, do you rider mine? the hatchling asked.

The weyrling shrugged.

It’s okay. I’ll speak for the both of us then. the hatchling let out another yip of amusement as he leaned forward to sniff Samra’s face. She smells like family. I like her.

Size Classsport
Suggested Length36′ 10″
Suggested Height6′ 7″
Personality Traitssociable, clumsy
Sponser Requirementsrequires a bond
Abilitiestelepathy: can speak using his/her mind onlyteleportation: can travel to a different location instantlytelekinesis: can move objects with their mindassisted fire breath: can breath fire after digesting firestone